Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Anniversary Song of the Week: "Let It Be Me" by the Everly Brothers

"Let It Be Me" debuted at #76 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending January 17, 1960. It spent 4 weeks in the top 10, reaching #7, and 15 weeks overall.

The company it kept, i.e., other singles that debuted the same week. (Debut position/highest position, weeks on chart)

"What in the World's Come Over You" by Jack Scott. (75, 5, 16)

'Tender Love and Care" by Jimmie Rodgers. (83, 24, 10)

"Theme from a Summer Place" by Percy Faith. (96, 1, 21)

"Let the Good Times Roll" by Ray Charles. (97, 78, 3)

"Tell Her for Me" by Adam Wade. (98, 66, 7)

"Bulldog" by the Fireballs. (99, 24, 11)

"Teenage Hayride" by Tender Slim. (100, 93, 2)

From Songfacts

This is a reworking of a French song recorded in 1955 by Gilbert Becaud called "Je T'Appartiens."

The first English version of this was recorded in 1957 by an actress named Jill Corey.

One of the first pop songs to use a string section. 8 violins and a cello were used. It was also the first Everly Brothers song to use strings.

Just before this became a hit, The Everly Brothers left their original label, Cadence Records, and signed with Warner Brothers for a $100,000 bonus, which was huge at the time.

This was the first Everly Brothers song they did not record in Nashville. It was done in New York.

Three other versions have entered the US top-40: Betty Everett & Jerry Butler in 1964, Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry in 1969, and Willie Nelson in 1982.

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