Sunday, February 21, 2010

Golden Anniversary Song of the Week: "Let the Little Girl Dance" by Billy Bland

"Let the Little Girl Dance" by Billy Bland
. (99, 7, 20)
A one-hit wonder, but a song with a lot of staying power. It spent 20 weeks on the Hot 100, a feat only a handful of songs accomplished in 1960.

Other singles appearing on the Hot 100 for the first time.
(Entry position, peak position, weeks on chart)

"Beatnik Fly" by Johnny and the Hurricanes. (69, 15, 13)
Surf instrumental version of "Blue Tail Fly", a.k.a. "Jimmy Crack Corn". Annoying, push-button ditty.

"Outside my Window" by the Fleetwoods. (74, 28, 9)
Another sweet bit o' fluff from the trio.

"Too Pooped to Pop" by Chuck Berry. (78, 42, 6)
A song that lives down to its name.

"Teensville" by Chet Atkins. (79, 73, 3)
The B side of "One Mint Julip", which struggled to reach #82. Atkins was more at home on the country charts.

"Mumblin' Mosie" by Johnny Otis. (80, 80, 2)

"Baby What Do You Want Me To Do" by Jimmy Reed. (82, 37, 14)
Influential blues singer and harmonica player who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991,.,

"Forever" by Billy Walker. (83, 83, 1)
Although this is Walker's only appearance on the Hot 100 -- one measly week -- "The Tall Texan" charted more than 50 singles on Billboard's country chart -- 16 of them reaching the top 10.

"(Do the) Mashed Potatoes" by Nat Kendrick & the Swans. (84, 84, 2)
The groups is also known as the JB's, James Browns' backing band. As Nat Kendrick & the Swans, this is their only appearance on the Hot 100.

"Just a Little Bit" by Roscoe Gordon. (85, 64, 7)
The R&B singer/guitarist/pianist's only appearance on the Hot 100. (Is there an echo in here?) Elvis recorded a respectable cover of this song.

"You're My Baby" by Sarah Vaughan. (87, 87, 2)
The B side of "Eternally", which entered the chart a week earlier.

"What's Happening" by Wade Flemons. (97, 94, 2)
This song deserved better but must not have clicked with listeners at the time. Flemons was the electric pianist in Salty Peppers, Maurice White's pre-Earth, Wind & Fire group. (There's a hint, a very small one, of Brook Benton in his voice.)

"If You Need Me" by Fats Domino. (98, 98, 1)
The B side of "Country Boy", which entered the chart two weeks earlier.

"Paradise" by Sammy Turner. (100, 46, 11)
The 5 songs of his that reached the Hot 100 were all produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

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