Saturday, April 10, 2010

Golden Anniversary Song of the Week: "Mr. Lucky" by Henry Mancini

Call Retiring Guy Mr. Schmaltzy, but he loves this song.  Perfect for some spins around the roller rink.

Henry Mancini's "Mr. Lucky" debuted at #95 on Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending April 10, 1960.  It climbed as high as #21 and fell off the chart after 13 weeks.  "Mr. Lucky" was the theme song to a TV show (1959-1960) created by Blake Edwards and starring well-traveled (TV) actor John Vivyan in the title role.  Ross Martin ("Wild Wild West") co-starred.  CBS broadcast it on Saturday night from 9:00 to 9:30, which is why Retiring Guy never watched.  Past his bedtime.  (Seriously!)

Other songs making their first appearance.
(Debut position, peak position, weeks on chart)

"Doggin' Around" by Jackie Wilson.  (81, 15, 16)
A bluesy little number, the 'B' side of "Night" had a life of its own.

"Rockin' Red Wing" by Sammy Masters.  (83, 64, 5)
Sammy's only appearance on the Hot 100.

"Stuck on You" by Elvis Presley.  (84, 1, 16)
The second of a string of five #1 hits in a row.  This one spent 4 weeks at the top.

"Love You So" by Rod Holden.  (85, 7, 19)
Holden made quite the impression with his only Hot 100 appearance.

"Madison" by Al Brown's Tunetoppers.  (89, 23, 12)
Another one-time visitor to the Hot 100.

"Think Me a Kiss" by Clyde McPhatter.  (90, 66, 6)
One of his lowest-charting efforts.

"Cherry Pie" by Skip and Flip.  (92, 11, 15)
Cherry pie, sugar plum.  Retiring Guy is getting sick.  No wonder this song hasn't received any airplay since 1960.

"Adam and Eve" by Paul Anka.  (94, 90, 2)
The 'B' side of "Puppy Love".

"What Do You Want" by Bobby Vee.  (96, 93, 2)
This song marks Vee's 2nd appearance (barely) on the Hot 100.  It's embarrassingly bad.  First of all, it sound like a demo.  Secondly, Vee thought that channeling Buddy Holly was a good career move.

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